Are you sometimes distracted, in a hurry or impatient on the road? Caution! In road work zones…

Adopt safe and responsible behaviour:

  • Reduce your speed
  • Watch out for workers
  • Do not tailgate

A Risk Zone

Traffic patterns change because of the work being carried out.

The risk of accident increases.

Flagpersons and other workers on site are vulnerable.

Accident Victims

In 2016, in or near road work zones:

  • 734 people were injured
  • 2 people were killed

No fewer than 736 victims in Québec. Think about it!

Safety Rules

When you’re the driver:

  • Be vigilant at all times
  • Obey orange signs

When you’re the passenger:

  • Be an attentive co-pilot
  • Encourage caution
  • Reinforce good behaviour

Saving Time?

You are on a highway work site 1 km long.

The speed limit goes from 100 km/h to 80 km/h.

If you go over the speed limit, you will save 9 seconds.

Quite a small gain for such an unnecessary risk, isn’t it?

Stiff Fines

You never come out on top when disobeying the law.

Especially in road work zones.

The amount of the fine is double if you are speeding.

Police officers and photo radar devices are present in large numbers.

In road work zones:

Levez le pied.

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